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Boundless Theatre is devoted to fostering a range of captivating and effervescent works and advocating for the artist's ability to curate and nurture authentic theatrical endeavors. Through the pursuit of limitless theatrical possibility, Boundless strives to engage and connect audiences with fresh artistic perspective and the opportunity to delve into the earnest production of art. The idea of being “boundless” is not to stray away from the authentic voice of the material, but to push ourselves as artists, patrons, and as a community to embrace the infinite potential of self.



Boundless Theatre was founded in 2018 by Zachary Harris and Jacob Young, who with the assistance of Julia Bratburd quickly assembled a team of like-minded artists to propel the company and its mission into action. With their strong inclination for collaboration and seeing the need for a shift in perspective, they came together to create Boundless Theatre. As artists, each member of the founding board shares the goal of curating and promoting theatre that challenges artists, patrons, and the surrounding community.